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Sunset Glamour and Sips: The Sexy Secrets of The Blu Bar on 36

Theatrical cocktails and timeless classics, served up in a glowing bar with dazzling Sydney views.

Get ready for a night of glamour and good times at Blu Bar on level 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel in the Sydney CBD. This chic spot in the heart of the hotel is the ultimate hangout for you and your besties.

A happy-hour overlooking the city skyline it's the perfect setup for catching up with your ride-or-die crew, unwinding after a day of work or relaxing during your stay. Whether you're down for a laid-back meal or a quick nibble, the Blu Bar on 36 has you covered.

But hold onto your cosmos because as the sun dips and the night takes over, this place turns into a sleek whisky and gin paradise. It's the kind of transformation that'll make your night as sophisticated as a cocktail in a martini glass.

Take a seat, and dive into a selection of local, imported, vintage, and rare whiskies that will have even the snobbiest connoisseurs nodding in approval. And if you're more of a G&T kind of gal, fear not—the bar boasts a lineup of local and specialty gins, tonics, and garnishes to help you craft the ultimate gin masterpiece.

Picture this: a sunset casting a golden hue over the terrace, the clinking of glasses, and laughter filling the air. Blu Bar on 36 at Shangri-La Sydney isn't just a spot; it's a Sex and the City hideaway where happy hour transforms into a ritzy celebration of friendship, spirits, and unforgettable moments. Cheers to the ultimate glam night in the heart of the city!

Tag your girlfriends to invite them to splurge at the Blu with you.


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